About me

Hi! First, thank you for making your way to my site! However you got here, I appreciate it! 

My name is Emily, and I craft every piece by hand at home in Philadelphia. I have always loved art, crafts, and design. Growing up, my mom repurposed what was probably a linen closet for an arts and craft supply closet. My sister, cousins, and friends loved to raid the closet for weekend projects at the kitchen table. In school, art class was where I felt, and did, my best academically, so I studied art in college. But the more I learned, the more I felt art was much more than critiques and technique. It’s about sharing. And teaching. And expressing. 

True art comes from the heart. And I love the loom. 

I am elementary school art teacher by day and loom weaver by night. "Looming" is my outlet for expression. I hope to share my craft with everyone and every room, space, and wall that could use a little love. 

Enough about me!

What about you? What are you looking for? Special design, favorite colors, a unique shape or size? 

Please contact me to get in touch with any product design questions or simply to connect!